Secure, Affordable Cloud Services

As Epicon Tech perfects your cloud operations, immerse yourself in what you do best: growing your business

Cloud Expense Assessment

Overspending on Cloud?

It’s not uncommon for businesses to unknowingly incur excess costs in cloud platforms. Our expertise with AWS allows us to provide a focused Cloud Expense Assessment, available for free to small and medium-sized cloud spenders. We dive deep into your cloud spend, identifying areas you might be overspending in AWS. Our comprehensive analysis provides actionable insights to ensure you maximize every dollar spent in the cloud.


Optimize Your Cloud Costs

Feeling lost in cloud costs? At Epicon Tech, we implement a comprehensive strategy to slash cloud expenses. We fine-tune your resources, spot unused components, roll out clever savings plans, and consolidate your billing for efficiency. Team up with Epicon Tech and watch your cloud costs shrink.


SecureStart™: Fortify Your AWS Environment Effortlessly

Start with a secure, efficient AWS environment using SecureStart™. Developed for small businesses scaling their AWS operations, our service implements industry-standard processes to address critical, often-missed settings, ensuring a robust cloud foundation. Ready for enhanced AWS security? Discover the SecureStart™ advantage.  

Cloud Security

Secure Your Cloud Environment with Expertise

Keeping your online data safe can be tricky, but we’ve got it covered. At Epicon Tech, we put the best safety measures in place so you can have peace of mind. We secure your data, fortify your network against unwanted intrusions, set up alerts to notify of any suspicious activity, and ensure only authorized individuals can access your information. Your digital assets are safeguarded every step of the way with us.

Personalized Attention

Offering tailored solutions for unique business needs


Providing clear and understandable billing, reporting, and communications


Assisting your business growth with scalable solutions


Helping you optimize your cloud expenses


Ensuring the safety and confidentiality of your data

Education & Empowerment

Helping you understand and make the most of your cloud infrastructure

Your Affordable Small Business Cloud Partner

At Epicon Tech, we understand the unique challenges small businesses face. Our cloud solutions are designed to be affordable and secure. No project is too small, and our cloud experts are at your side from start to finish.

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